About Us

Mahathma Gandhi Peace Foundation was established by the contributions of so many Gandhians. In its years of history the foundation has carried out its objectives in many ways.

It also organised periodic seminars, symposia, and lecture series. The foundation also organises regular youth camps on Gandhian themes and serves as a resource centre for Gandhian and peace scholars.

The foundation seeks to create an environment for study and research on the teaching and practice of Gandhiji in the first instance and of allied thought and action, with a view to affecting the thoughts and actions of millions throughout the world and thereby helping them to attain or maintain peaceful, harmonious, and happy social relations without hatred or violence of any kind. It seeks to make attempts to show that the peaceful methods and means used by Gandhiji in South Africa and India are capable of being applied for the solution of any kind of conflict, social, national or international.

One of the objectives of the foundation is to establish an international centre or centres of study and research in Gandhian thought and techniques of action— Satyagraha—with special reference to the principles of Ahimsa (nonviolence) as evident from the study of the history and philosophy of India and of the world. The foundation also seeks to provide information, counsel and assistance in this field to teaching centre in the form of research fellowships, travel grants, library books and equipment, and act as a coordinating centre. It also has the long-term goal of collecting, preserving and publishing in various languages Gandhiji's writings and speeches.